Well Let’s Go…

I’ve been told by people that I have a talent for writing and have an unusual insight into life.  Personally, I’m surprised people haven’t learned that I pull half of it out of my ass.  For fun sakes, let’s see how long I can keep people fooled :P.

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2 Responses to Well Let’s Go…

  1. kaleb818 says:

    Will you finally make one of these films or books you keep talking about? Just do it! Get some friends together and a video camera and make some low budget version. If you don’t have a script just have a rough idea of the scenes you want and wing it!

  2. knuckles95 says:

    Actually I am in a screenwriting class and I have the first 2 Acts of the killers one written. I showed it to Kelly and she showed it to her acting group and they want to film it. I’m stuck trying to resolve the story in the third Act so I am revising the first 2 while reformatting it to industry standards. Want me to send you the revised first Act?

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