A Few Ideas

Okay, this is my first blog. I’m not going to worry about spelling and grammar, but I promise to at least try to make it readable. Hopefully, I can accomplish this goal. Well here we go.
I’ve had several writing ideas, floating around in my head, for a while that I need to finally get down on paper. One of them I’ve actually started writing. It’s a screenplay about an organization that employ couples as a team of hitmen. These teams are self contained; outside of the organization, no one knows anything about them. In order to keep that way, if one of the team member dies or tries to leave the organization, the organization kills off the remaining member and displays their head at the headquarters as a warning to the other members.

Another project I’m working on, called A Random Life, is set in the near future, maybe 5 years from now. Another economic disaster has caused the government to give company’s free reign to do as they want in order to save us from collapse. Most of the social nets have been taking away; gone is social security; gone is medicare/caid; gone is minimum wage and equal employment laws. Most people either live in or on the brink of poverty but people are hopeful because they have an opportunity to break out of this caste system; The Game. The Game was set up by the government but ran and sponsored by major corporations. Essentially, after going through a screening process a contestant is chosen. That contestant is then dropped into a random population, whether it’s Detroit, Chicago, London, Paris, Johannesburg, anywhere, it doesn’t matter. They then have 24 hours to prepare themselves; some people choose to run; some people chose to scavenge for supplies; some prepare to stand their ground. At the end of that 24 hrs., they are hunted by the population. For each hour they survive, the contestant banks an increasingly higher amount of money. The game only ends once the contestant is killed. Essentially, the game is a death sentence. All of the money that the contestant has earned over the course of his run is then transferred to his family or to whoever he has agreed the money be turned over to. In order to garner participation from society, each hour is sponsored by a company along with prizes. For example, hour 17 might be sponsored by Ford. If you kill the contestant between hours 17 and 18, you win a Ford F-150. People could win anything from a washer and dryer, to a full year’s vacation.

The last project I have in mind is something of a theory I’ve been working on for quite a while. I call it the Duckie Problem. It’s based off of the character Duckie in Pretty in Pink. It’s basically a movie asking, “What happens to Duckie after the prom?” It’s delves into Duckie’s relationships after he’s been spurned by Molly Ringwald’s character.

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Well Let’s Go…

I’ve been told by people that I have a talent for writing and have an unusual insight into life.  Personally, I’m surprised people haven’t learned that I pull half of it out of my ass.  For fun sakes, let’s see how long I can keep people fooled :P.

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